M/F Train

This one goes out to anyone who's ever been stuck on the platform when the right train just won’t come...



 The Share Drive

Anthony learns the hard way the importance of using the share drive.

The Restaurant

It’s one of the first sketches we ever filmed, and it doesn’t disappoint. Featured on Funny or Die’s homepage, Anthony is just trying to enjoy a meal to himself.

The Job

First impressions can be everything. Also featured on Funny or Die, watch what happens when Jeff (or Jeffrey) arrives on the first day of his new job.


Even More Video Sketches

On the 21st Century

A micro-series about the hard work it takes to stay current.

No Fight Holiday Games

Stuck with your family this Holiday Season? Try: Not Fighting! No Fight Holiday Games are the best way to finish out any holiday break without one single fight.

The Parents

At the holidays especially, it's important to remember that every family is different, every tradition is valuable, and that sometimes, everything is off limits. Enjoy this cautionary holiday tale from your cautious holiday friends at New Team Honeybear.


Sometimes, it's the ones we love the most who Broadwaysplain us the hardest.



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